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Welcome to the world Little'un

I am so excited to be launching Little'un Baby Box, August 2016! I have been working on this project for over a year so it's wonderful to see it finally realised! Little'un was born from a thought, a recommendation, a lesson - the idea of baby boxes, or maternity kits, care packages has been a tradition in Finland for over 75 years and has contributed to making their babies some of the healthiest in the world. There was nothing like this in the UK, so I decided to work on developing a perfect box that would give a mum and dad-to-be a perfect start on their journey to parenthood, whether it be their first time or one of many!

The concept of having a box full of essential items from clothing to accessories was ingenious! There is so much to think about, buy, set-up, and learn when having a baby, so having at least one product which provided a range of items to kick start that journey was, to me, essential.

Our original, Finnish inspired box contains 51 items including the box which is designed to be your baby's first crib. It can be an additional crib you use around the home, or when visiting family, or better still, have it in their larger cot so the newborn has a contained, safe space for its first month or so, which replicates their time in the womb. The box is manufactured by the very company who make them for the Finnish programme, this was very important for me as I wanted to ensure its safety and reliability. The box has a lovely print on the outside but is plain on the inside (like the Finnish), because the advice from the manufacturer was to keep it that way, as no inks have been currently tested or approved for such use or with babies here in Europe. Safety came first.

I have chosen a range of unisex clothing from amazing brands from UK and Europe; a mix of organic, 100% cotton, environmentally and baby friendly babywear means your baby will not only be comfortable, but super stylish too! They range from 0-9months so you can start using the items to prep for your hospital bag, to setting up their wardrobe at home. This range allows parents to see when their baby is ready to wear which size - this way you can start purchasing other complimentary clothing at the right time, saving you time, money and hassle!

The box also contains other essentials like nappies, wipes, bra pads, and sanitary towels from Naty. I chose Naty because their products are gentle on babies and mums, but also on the environment having been made from biodegradable materials. Other items such as a towel, bath thermometer, nail clippers and balm are also super handy to have to keep your baby perfectly groomed.

There are also muslins, bibs, blankets and a gro-bag; integral products which are versatile and useful.

I hope you will enjoy browsing our website and bringing a little'un box to your home to be a part of your special future with your baby!

Ri x

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