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Hospital Ready

Preparing for your very special visit to the hospital for the arrival of your baby can be a daunting yet exciting time! You are filled with mixed emotions whilst your body is going through a range of activity, which only you can truly know the struggles of. There is of course a plethora of information out there from blogs, to advice from friends and family, to medical professionals and books, all there to help you prepare as best you can for the arrival of your new baby. It may be that you are not actually giving birth, but still expecting a new addition to your family, even then knowing how best to prepare can be a challenging task! We read at a lot of information on what is best practice to take to the hospital or have at home when you are expecting, and luckily, not to plug our own product, but in fairness, it does contain a lot of what you need! So we think that's helpful!

Many mums who've been there, done that, advise expecting parents to have at least a couple of blankets to hand, a baby hat, a babygrow with feet (because when the baby is tiny it can be hard putting and keeping socks on), wipes, nappies (as some hospitals do not provide these) - all of which can be found in our box so you can simply take from there and pack in your hospital bag or have ready at home. Not to forget of course a charged mobile phone ready to snap snap snap (unfortunately a phone does not come with the box, just yet...)! It is also common place to take some snacks for all those present lest the emotion of it all gets just too much, in which case our chocolate bar should aid in topping up energy and delighting your tastebuds... For those going to the hospital it is also good to have your own body wash for when you shower, something nice to help make the experience a little bit your own (we personally love Aesop, Ren and as they are wonderfully fragrant), a nightgown, towel, all purpose moisturiser (just what you use at home, a lip balm has also been suggested as lips can get dry), tissues (for happy tears), sanitary towels (come in our box) and a reusable water bottle. Of course there are many other items you may wish to have at your disposal, from a toothbrush and toothpaste to headphones, to slippers and a hair band.

The advice and suggestions are just that, pointers, so no one should feel they are getting it wrong if they do not take everything listed on all the platforms they see/read, this is your journey and whatever you miss out or how ever much you take, it's your personal story and experience, at the end of the day, we are lucky enough to live in places where medical care is to hand and professional, where there are resources, support and most of all, peace - what more could an expectant parent need?

Do let us know what worked for you below!


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