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our baby boxes

The Maternity Box

The Original Finnish inspired box of 51 items is perfect to get you hospital and bringing home your newborn ready! £360

The Hospital Box

The Starter Box is made up of 14 adorable essential items including the box with a fitted mattress. Cute and useful. £145

The Nursery Box

The Essentials Box is made up of 29 beautiful products including the box with mattress to get you off to a great start. £245

The Sleep Box

The bed that's been a home for babies in Finland for over 75 years - option sleep box + 6 bedding essentials for safe sleep. £98

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Changing Mat Set

An extra combination set of our custom mattress and waterproof cover to use within box lid to create changing mat 


little' extras

add a little extra to your box

Fitted Sheet

Our custom fitted organic white fitted mattress sheet - perfect to have an extra in the cupboard or whilst the other is in the wash 


Muslin Swaddle

A super soft, versatile and beautifully designed, large muslin swaddle from Aden+Anais. Great to have an extra around the house



A set of 3 Aden+Anais vintage jungle themed, 100% cotton muslin classic snap bibs- feature three snaps conveniently located in the front for an adjustable fit and easy fastening



Our custom, British made, safety certified mattress - in case you wish to use it for the lid as a changing matt or swap one inside box at later date


Waterproof cover

Our custom, British made waterproof cover for baby box mattress, just in case you need an extra



Super-soft and super-cute: baby's first comforter.



A beautiful white cellular blanket, great to have an extra to use in pram or whilst other in box is in the wash


Muslin Cloths

A set of 3 Aden+Anais 100% cotton colourful muslin cloths: they're soft, absorbent and breathable, making them the perfect security blanket, makeshift bib, burpy cloth, and more


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