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Box Safety

As per with any baby cot, please ensure to practice common sense measures to ensure the safety of your baby and box.


Please do not place near open flames and keep away from water and ideally, any pets (so they don't think its their space...)!

Do not carry / move the box with your baby inside.

Do not place unnecessary items inside your box when baby is sleeping inside. It is best for the baby when their cot is clutter free.


Store the lid of the box away, until you need it to use as a changing matt (once your baby has outgrown the box as a crib, the mattress can be placed inside the lid with the pvc cover which then makes for a great changing matt). Or until such time as you wish to use the box as a keep sake / storage.

We have included a safer sleep leaflet inside the box as guidance, but we encourage you consult your midwife for best safe sleep practices. It is advised to sleep your baby on their back, ensuring they are not too hot nor cold, and there are no loose covers around them. 

We have not printed the inside of our box in custom with our Finnish manufacturer guidelines. Our manufacture produced the Finnish Government Baby Box/Maternity Kit. They have been chosen through a rigours process. They advise against the use of inks with which the baby can come into contact. Therefore, we have taken the route of safety over aesthetics when it comes to the inside of the box print, as per their advice and Finnish custom. 

Please do not place the box with baby inside at any such heights where other children can come into contact with it (to avoid them pulling at the box etc).


If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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